1. How much is a bike service ?

Our bike services start at €25 for the Bronze service / Safety check and basic brake and gear adjustment.  If new cables are needed to get your gears or brake's working again though, that increases the service charge to the €40 Silver Service + any parts.  Further details on our bike servicing page. 

2. Do Bike Services need to be booked in advance ?

Pre-bookings are necessary.  This enables us to turn around a bike service the same day assuming we have all needed parts in stock.  If you are stuck / have an emergency we will do our best to help you at short notice - but cannot guarantee !

3. Do you need to book an appointment for Running Video Gait Analysis ?

No Appointment necessary - but if you do call in at a busy time, you may be waiting 10 - 15 minutes so please be patient.  We do our best to give as much time as necessary to everyone.  It can be possible to help two customers at a time if necessary - because there is usually a time delay between bringing out shoe options and allowing you / the customer time to try the shoes on and get a feel for the different models / brands.

4. Your website shows an item in stock - how do I know it will be available at the shop I choose to go to ?

If you know you would like to buy an item, please do an online purchase to collect in-store.  If you do not wish to do this, please call ahead to the shop of your choice and we will do our best to have the item ready when you call in.

5. You advertise next day delivery - is this guaranteed ?

Unfortunately we are not able to 100% guarantee next day delivery.  For example there can be a delay if we fail to prepare your order in time for the courier; or if the courier fails to deliver it the next day; or if you are not in when the courier tries to deliver.  If you specify at checkout that the order is urgent for a particular day, it will help us to do our very best to ensure that it gets to you on time.