Best of Hoka One One Running Shoes 2024

Hoka One One is a popular brand of running shoes known for their unique design, which typically features maximal cushioning and a distinctive, oversized midsole. The brand offers a wide range of running shoes, each with its own features and benefits. Here, I’ll outline some of the key differences among various models within the Hoka One One range!


Great for beginners and for those who are looking for a comfortable, cushioned, breathable ride. Also great for experienced runners who are looking for a reliable training shoe the Clifton is the most versatile road shoe on the Hoka One One roster.

  • Cushioning: The Clifton series is known for its plush cushioning, making it suitable for long-distance running and providing a smooth ride.
  • Lighter weight: Clifton models are a popular choice for runners looking for a comfortable, cushioned shoe, and firmer underfoot than the Bondi.
  • Versatility: These shoes are versatile and can be used for road running, training, and racing.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop 5.00 mm


The Bondi is Hoka’s most cushioned, durable shoe and is a great option for those who are looking for maximum comfort or prefer longer distance runs. Also ideal for seasoned runners who rack up the mileage looking for a ‘recovery runner’.

  • Maximum Cushioning: The Bondi series is characterized by its maximal cushioning, offering a high level of impact absorption and comfort.
  • Smooth Ride: Bondi shoes provide a smooth and stable ride, making them suitable for runners seeking a cushioned, comfortable experience on the road.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop 4.00 mm


The Arahi is Hoka’s flagship answer for those who need mild – moderate stability. Despite this it remains not only lightweight but also nicely cushioned like many of their neutral models.

  • Stability: The Arahi series is designed to provide stability for runners who overpronate (inward rolling of the foot). It offers a J-Frame support system to help control excessive pronation, which works more passively like a guide rail, as opposed to a Medial post.
  • Cushioning: While focusing on stability, Arahi shoes still provide a level of cushioning for comfort during runs.
  • Lightweight: These shoes often have a relatively lightweight design compared to traditional stability shoes.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop 5.00 mm


The Rincon is somewhere in the middle between a training shoe and a racer. Lighter than most training shoes yet more cushioning (and comfort) than most racing specific models. A great all rounder.

  • Lightweight Cushioning: Rincon shoes offer a balance of cushioning and lightweight design, making them suitable for both training and racing.
  • Versatile: They are versatile and can be used for various types of runs, including tempo runs. In general, we would not recommend for distances over 10 miles.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop 5.00 mm


As the name suggests the Mach is built for speed and is a lightweight (yet still relatively comfortable) all round shoe for regular to experienced runners. Another versatile shoe which is a great option for speedier training sessions and racing.

  • Performance: The Mach series is focused on performance and speed, making them suitable for faster-paced training and racing.
  • Lightweight: These shoes are known for their lightweight design, promoting agility and speed.
  • Responsive: Mach models often feature responsive midsoles for a snappy feel during runs.
  • Added Durability: The latest version of the Mach has added some durability to the sole.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop 5.00 mm


Max stability training shoe with more cushioning than its Arahi sibling. Reinvigorated with the Gaviota 5 it has gained a surge of popularity with those who require a structured runner

  • More Stability: The Gaviota series is designed for runners who require good stability and support due to more severe overpronation. The stability is delivered using Hoka’s J-Frame.
  • Cushioning: Despite being stability-focused, Gaviota shoes still offer a significant level of cushioning for comfort.
  • Durability: These shoes incorporate features aimed at enhancing durability for long-lasting performance.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop 6.00 mm

Rocket X

Geared for elite athletes the Rocket X is Hoka’s lightest racing shoe. Specialising in shorter distances it utilizes a carbon plate built into the sole giving it a propulsive, speedy ride.

  • Super Lightweight: Designed for speed, the Rocket X is Hoka’s lightest racing shoe
  • Carbon Plate: The Carbon plate gives the shoe added propulsion and speed
  • Race Ready: It’s one of Hoka’s signature racing shoes, designed for elite athlete’s looking for a performance edge
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop 5.00 mm


Hoka’s flagship trail running shoe is capable to take on all trail terrains. It’s designed to provide a protective cushion while maintaining a responsive toe-off for when you want to go faster.

  • Trail Running: Speedgoat shoes are designed for trail running and excel in rugged, off-road conditions.
  • Traction: They typically have aggressive outsole patterns for enhanced traction on various terrains, including rocky and technical trails.
  • Protection: Speedgoat models often provide additional protection for the feet against trail hazards.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop 4.00 mm

Challenger ATR

One of Hoka’s most versatile running shoes, the Challenger ATR feels at home on both the Road and the Trails. If you’re a runner who likes to mix it up the Challenger ATR could be the runner you’re looking for!

  • Versatile: The Challenger series is known for its versatility, suitable for both road and trail running.
  • Cushioning: These shoes typically feature Hoka’s signature cushioning for a comfortable ride on various terrains.
  • Traction: Challenger models often have outsoles with a 4mm lug depth and a pattern that provides good traction on both roads and mild trails.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop 5.00 mm

Find a Hoka One One shoe to suit you at The Edge Sports Shop, Cork. Our expert running sales team will be more than happy to help you find the perfect model for you, whether it be for training, racing or just a comfortable shoe for walking!