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Electric Bike FAQ

The popularity of Electric Bikes in Ireland continues to rise and as such we get asked many questions from customers curious about buying an E-bike so we’ve created this FAQ post to help get you up to speed! WHY? It’s Faster: E-Bikes can get you from A to B quicker than your standard bicycle. They’re legally allowed to reach speeds of up to 25kmh in Ireland. No Sweat: Leave the deodorant at home. As the motor does most of the work you won’t be sweating buckets getting to your destination... Read More


10 Brilliant Christmas Gifts for Swimmers

Do you have a swimming fan in your life? We all know someone who spends as much time as they can at the pool or beach. For the swimmers in your life, there are hundreds of fantastic Christmas gift choices. To make choosing easier for you, we’ve whittled it down to ten brilliant Christmas gifts for swimmers. In our guide below you will find options for every kind of swimmer. From kids who are learning to swim to dedicated wild water swimmers. 1. Changing Robes and Dry Robes A changing... Read More

The Best Christmas Gifts For Cyclists 02/12/2021

The Best Christmas Gifts For Cyclists

Ireland has fallen in love with cycling! In the last 18 months alone, a staggering 260,000 Irish people have started cycling at least once a week. According to Sport Ireland, this brings the number of regular cyclists to over half a million. With cycling more popular than ever, chances are you’re Christmas shopping for a cyclist and wondering what to buy. At Edge Sports, we are avid cyclists and know a thing or two about what cyclists like. Below, we’ve put together our top eight Christmas gifts for cyclists with... Read More


Our Christmas Gift Guide for Triathletes (2021)

Next year’s Irish triathlon dates are already being published, and chances are you know someone training for one. With Christmas on the horizon, you may be panicking about what to buy the Triathlete in your life. To help you choose the perfect gift for the triathlete, we’ve put together a Christmas gift guide just for you. Whether you have a triathlete in the family or at work, we have something to suit everyone. Including triathlete gifts under €50 that are perfect for Kris Kindle or a stocking filler, they will... Read More

christmas gift guide for runners 2021 18/11/2021

Best Gifts for Runners: 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas gift shopping for runners has never been so much fun. Running gear and gadgets are so varied and clever that choosing them is as much fun as using them. From high tech running watches to hydration packs and accessories, we have something for every type of runner. In our 2021 Christmas gift guide for runners, we have chosen a selection to suit every budget. Including five great gifts under €30, perfect for anyone looking for a small gift for a friend or colleague. Below you’ll find gifts suited to... Read More

Benefits of Foam Rolling 20/10/2021

Benefits of Foam Rolling, Types & How to Foam Roll

The use of foam rollers has exploded in popularity across Ireland in recent years. Helped possibly by the likes of Munster Winger Keith Earls and Beckham’s old team LA Galaxy. These sports stars and others can often be seen using foam rollers during training, warm-ups and even physio sessions. They’re not the only ones reaping the roller benefits. Popular with physiotherapists, trainers, professional athletes, yoga fans and gym goers alike, foam rollers seemingly appeared from nowhere. However, in one form or another they have been used as part of physical... Read More

Your Essential Gear Guide for Running During Winter 18/10/2021

Your Essential Gear Guide for Running During Winter

When you get the bug, a little thing like winter won’t stop you from getting out for your run. Though Ireland might not get much snow, winters here can be cold and wet, so it’s essential to take care. Beginner and experienced runners can benefit from seasonal adjustments to their running gear. Switching out the summer kit for running gear that’s better suited to the cold and darker days. What Your Winter Running Kit Should Do Keep You Dry – Running in the winter means there is more chance of... Read More

Mistakes Beginner Triathletes Make When Swimming 22/09/2021

Mistakes Beginner Triathletes Make When Swimming

Getting ready for a triathlon involves a lot of training and research, but don’t let that put you off. The reward for putting in the right amount of effort is more personal bests and more wins. If you have already completed your first, or even second, triathlon you are no doubt feeling elated. You may also feel a little frustrated that things didn’t go exactly as you expected. Maybe your time was slower than in training, or something knocked you off your game. It happens. Whether you are just starting... Read More

Beginners guide to buying a road bike 20/09/2021

Beginners Guide to Buying a Road Bike

Road bike popularity has peaked in recent years as commuting by bike and competitive cycling took off in Ireland. Better cycle paths in our cities and towns and burgeoning cycle clubs has increased the demand for better bikes. As a result, there is now a huge range of road bikes available to suit all budgets and needs. Bikes with lighter frames, fancier groupsets and a great deal of specification choices. When you get the bug for biking, the choice can be overwhelming. This guide will help you decide what you... Read More

Orbea Vibe 10/09/2021

Why The Orbea Vibe Is The Perfect Urban e-Bike

Orbea have had a long history of developing quality e-Bikes and the Orbea Vibe is testament to that. Some denouncers of the e-Bike claim they can be heavy, bulky and not the most easy on the eye, but these accusations can not be thrown at the Vibe. Stylish, lightweight and nimble with high calibre components to match – it’s a maverick paving the way for the future of motor assisted cycling. LIGHTWEIGHT Due to a weight of just 15kg (around the same as your average Mountain Bike) you don’t even... Read More