Looking for gift ideas for runners? Look no further than the 2022 Edge Sports Christmas Gift Guide. Make Christmas gift shopping for runners easier than ever before by choosing from our handpicked running accessories, clothing and running gadgets below.

When it comes to Christmas gifts for runners there are a lot of fun and interesting choices. From eyewear, footwear and watches to wristbands, base layers and running shoes – you’ll be spoiled for choice. At The Edge Sports Shop, we have something for every type of runner, whether they are competitive athletes, evening joggers or gym bunnies.

In our 2022 Christmas gift guide for runners, we have chosen a selection to suit every budget. Including four great gifts under €20, perfect for anyone looking for a small gift for a friend or work’s kris kindle. Below you’ll find gifts suited to seasoned runners and new runners alike.

Tech Gifts For Runners

Runners love a good gadget and they are happily spoiled for choice. There are gadgets galore available, from heart rate monitors to route trackers. Even gadgets that track training, sleep and fitness goals. Here’s our top pick of running gadgets perfect for Christmas.

Running heart rate monitors help runners analyse their progress and track their training. Heart rate monitors like the Polar Verity Sense can be worn on the arm or temple (when swimming), as the runner prefers. The Polar Verity Sensee can save up to 600 hours of training data to record a runner’s PBs and improvements.

The sleek and lightweight Garmin Forerunner 255 Music is a fantastic Christmas gift choice for the runner in your life. This is more than a sports watch, alongside the ability to track distance, pace and performance. With the Garmin Forerunner 255 Music runners can listen to up to 500 songs, receive text and emails and make contactless payments. This is a smartwatch designed also to track women’s health, help you relax and monitor your sleep. The Garmin Forerunner 255 Music comes with the Garmin Coach function, offering guidance from expert coaches and training plans for free.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch gift for runners that’s under €100, take a look at the Fitbit Inspire. This is a great choice for helping a runner stay motivated. Help them track how well they’re doing with a watch that monitors distance, heart rate and active zones. The Fitbit Inspire is also water resistant and has a useful 10 day battery life. So they won’t need to charge their smartwatch daily.

Clothing Gifts For Men and Women Who Love To Run

Every running fan in Ireland knows that they have to watch the weather and take it as they find it. That’s what makes running clothing a great Christmas gift for the man or woman in your life who runs. Irish runners can never have enough kit to keep up with the Irish weather changes.  A good running kit also helps runners perform better when they train and compete.

1. Womens Ronhill Life Night Runner Jacket, €95.00

The days will be darker for the foreseeable future and being visible is of utmost importance when training outdoors. The Ronhill Life Night Runner Jacket is equipped with reflective detailing helping to ensure you’re seen whilst running among the hustle and bustle of the urban environment. It’s also wind and rain resistant which will help protect you from the elements!

2. Men’s Under Armour Storm Pants, €70.00

The Under Armour Storm Pants are not only stylish but also 100% waterproof – without sacrificing breathability. You can stay comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you. A very practical piece of clothing to have in the closet suitable for 365 days of the year which makes it an ideal gift!

3. Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Authentic Crew, €50.00 

The temperatures are starting to hit the wrong side of ‘0’ so help keep your friends and family warm with clothing designed for the job. The Under Armour Authentic Crew is the perfect baselayer to wear on chilly days. Its material not only wicks away sweat, meaning you stay dry, but is also anti-odour! Stay warm and feel fresh.

4. Men’s Water Resistant, Long Sleeve, Zip Up Running Top, €65.00

Breathable fabric is a huge win when buying gifts for runners and the Men’s Under Armour Qualifier Run top delivers. This long sleeved, black, running top has soft knit, anti-pick/pill, fabric so it will look good for longer. It also wicks away sweat and dries quickly helping runners train comfortably for longer.

Accessory Gifts For Runners

Running accessories are small additions to a runner’s kit that make a big difference. With so many running accessories to choose from, we’ve picked out three great examples for you.

1. High-Vis Run Bib, €25.00

The Ronhill Run Bib does exactly what you would expect it to. Available in fluorescent yellow, this is a piece of safety gear that every runner should own. It’s vital that runners are visible to road users and other pedestrians, no matter where or when they run. Keep them safe with a high-vis run bib this Christmas.

2. Running Belts, Prices Start at €15.00

It’s the modern conundrum for runners – where to keep their phones and keys when running? The answer is a running belt of course. Running belts come in a range of styles and sizes and are designed to safely stow valuables. Some, like the flip belt, sit flat around the waist and have a small central zip to keep valuables safe. Others have a front zipped pocket and a clasp at the rear to clip on.

3. Buff Neck+Headwear

Buff’s are a great, versatile accessory you can’t go wrong with as a gift. Although worn on the neck they can also stretch in a myriad of different ways in case you wish to keep your ears, nose or even your entire head warm. Many of them are made from recycled material and have also been designed to wick away sweat!

Christmas Gifts For Runners Under €20

For stocking fillers and smaller gifts, there is a vast range of choices at Edge Sports. These gifts for runners are perfect for smaller budgets and posting to loved ones overseas.

  1. High Vis Light Armbands, €20.00

As far as small but useful gifts for runners go, light armbands are a good choice for stocking fillers and kris kindle gifts. This Christmas help the runner in your life train safely with a white or red LED ultra-bright armband (or one of each).

  1. Water Bottle For Runners (with zip pocket), €17.90

Hydration is key for any sports fan, no less for runners. Help your loved one stay hydrated as they run this year with a water bottle they will love. The Kielder Handheld Bottle holds 600ml of water and is designed to be comfortable enough to hold whilst running. It also has a handy zipper pocket for carrying small valuables.

  1. Headbands For Runners, €20.00

No matter how cold it gets, some runners prefer to be hat free. The compromise is a stylish headband designed specifically for working out. The Ronhill Reversible Contour Headband for example is a wide, lightweight, headband made from a soft stretch knit fabric. Headbands keep ears warm while running and also prevent sweat from dripping down into the eyes. A gift they are sure to love this Christmas

  1. Beanie and Glove Set For Runners, €12.99

It is important that the fabrics used for running gear are lightweight and breathable as it helps the runner’s performance. Whether it’s a running top, trousers or accessories, being lightweight and breathable helps runners run longer and faster. The beauty of giving runners lightweight gloves and beanies for Christmas is that they can wear them anytime. Especially sets like the Precision Training Beanie and Glove set which come in a neutral charcoal grey.

For gifts for runners this Christmas, visit us at Edge Sports in Cork or shop online at www.theedge-sports.com.


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