Choosing the right clothing for running is all about weighing up your personal preferences with the conditions you will be running in and considering the features you would prefer in your running wear. Choosing the right running pants for cold weather will enable you to stay comfortable and protected during your winter runs and this will mean you get out there more often and enjoy all the benefits of exercising in the outdoors all year round.

The best running pants for cold weather will typically feature insulation, moisture-wicking properties and protection from wind and water, and you will find all of these qualities and more in our top picks at The Edge. We’re passionate about running in Ireland and we know we can’t rely on good weather so we only recommend running pants we know you can trust. 

Here, we’ll look at the qualities you want in your cold-weather running pants, and share a selection of options that will give you everything you need. Read on to find out more about making your cold weather runs more fun!

Cold weather running pants: Ideal features

When you’re choosing running gear for the cold weather, you’ll want to be sure that it will work for you before you invest. Narrowing down your requirements can help you to choose the best options for your lifestyle and we recommend considering the following:

  • Cold weather tights. Compression or thermal tights designed for cold weather will provide a snug fit, offering both support and insulation. When you are looking at running pants for cold weather, you should look for materials that wick moisture away from the skin and provide thermal insulation. 
  • Water-resistant, windproof pants. The weather in Ireland can never be guaranteed so running gear that offers a good level of water resistance is a must for your enjoyment of running all year round. Look out for water-resistant, windproof options that are designed to shield against cold winds and light rain, which will offer you a good level of protection against the elements and keep you warm and dry as you run.
  • Fleece-lined running pants. Fleece-lined running pants give you another level of luxury, providing extra warmth and comfort in cold weather and ensuring that you feel snug throughout your run. The soft fleece lining will trap the heat close to your body while still allowing moisture to evaporate, so it’s a great option for very cold weather. Some runners may find this too warm, however, so it is important to try before you buy in case you prefer a cooler option.
  • Insulated running pants. If you do a lot of running in cold weather conditions, you may find that insulated running pants are a good option for you. These are designed with additional thermal layers to provide warmth in extremely cold conditions and they often feature synthetic or down insulation to help retain heat on the coldest days. 
  • Convertible running pants. Some running pants come with zip-off or convertible features that allow you to transform them into shorts when needed. This gives you an excellent versatile option that may be ideal for longer runs when the weather conditions may change.
  • Reflective running pants. The colder weather usually coincides with low light conditions and this can compromise your safety. It’s a good idea to look for pants with reflective elements that enhance visibility and safety when running in low light or dark conditions, and you can also consider adding reflective stripes or high-visibility outer layers to your running gear. 
  • Fitted features. Features that enable a snug fit can be very useful in cold or windy weather conditions and we recommend a high-rise or drawstring waist to keep your running pants securely in place as you run. Ankle zippers are another great option, enabling you to put on and take off your running pants over your running shoes and adjust ventilation during your run.
  • Brand-specific technologies. Some sportswear brands incorporate specific technologies into their running pants, such as moisture-wicking fabrics, breathable membranes and advanced insulation materials. You may already have preferences if you have tried several different brands in the past, and you can compare the offerings from your favourite brands to see what works best for you.

When you’re looking for running pants for cold weather, you should look out for a temperature rating and compare features and reviews. Your personal preferences for comfort and style will be a big influence on your choices and you may also wish to consider the specific weather conditions in your location.

We recommend running pants for cold weather:

We stock a great range of running pants, including several styles that are designed to keep you warm in cold weather, and we’ll always be happy to help you find the best options for your lifestyle. 

Our cold weather favourites:

Under Armour Women’s UA Rival Fleece Joggers Black
  1. Under Armour Women’s UA Rival Fleece Joggers. We love these snug fleece joggers, ideal for a run in colder weather and designed to be light and comfortable with an elasticated drawstring waistband. The only problem with these joggers is that you won’t want to take them off so you might need a few pairs!
  2. Ronhill Tech Fortify Pant. These pants are lightweight and waterproof, giving you a breathable option that will help you to stay dry, so they’re a great choice for running in Ireland where weather conditions can change quickly. We like the ankle zips for breathability and the articulated knees that give you freedom of movement as you run. 
  3. Ronhill Women’s Tech Afterhours. When you’re running in the winter months, you’re likely to be in low light conditions fairly frequently and these highly reflective running tights are a great option to keep you safe. They feature smart pockets that fit like a second skin and have a brushed internal finish so you can enjoy running in comfort, knowing that you are visible to drivers and cyclists.
  4. Mizuno Black WarmLite Long Tight. Mizuno black men’s running tights are designed with Warmalite technology, which creates an insulating layer of air between the body and the fabric to keep you warm as you run. These running pants feature reflective details for optimal visibility when you’re running in low light conditions and hug the body for better running performance.
  5. Brooks Women’s Nightlife Tight. These running tights are designed for excellent visibility when you’re running in low light conditions, particularly important in the winter months as it is dark in the mornings and early evenings every day. These pants feature a DriLayer fabric which is soft and comfortable and works to wick away moisture as you run. 
  6. New Balance Men’s Impact Run All-Terrain Waterproof Pants. Great for trail running or working out, these waterproof pants are designed to keep you protected from the elements and offer a great fit with maximum comfort. They’re a practical choice with plenty of storage options so you can take the essentials with you as you run, making them the perfect choice for longer runs such as marathons and Ultra events.
New Balance Men’s Impact Run All-Terrain Waterproof Pants Black

Stay safe and enjoy your run

Running is a great way to maintain your fitness and enjoy exercising in the outdoors, but it can be risky if you do not protect yourself against potential accidents while you run. It’s vital to have good, supportive shoes that will protect your feet against injuries, and to wear clothing that can protect you from the elements, especially on longer runs.

Running close to busy roads can be dangerous and it is very important to ensure that you have reflective or high-visibility clothing or accessories to enhance your visibility. It is also vital to recognise that your attention to safety will be compromised if you are wearing earphones as you run, and many experts recommend wearing only one earphone so that you are more aware of the traffic and other hazards around you.

Find great running clothing at The Edge in Ireland

Here at The Edge, we are keen runners and we know how much difference the right kit can make, especially in the winter months. Our range includes everything you need to stay warm and dry as you run, including running hats, gloves and socks designed to keep you comfortable and enhance your enjoyment of your exercise regime. Whether you’re an experienced runner or just beginning to run, you’ll love our range of running gear and equipment and we’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need in store.

We are also specialists in cycling, swimming and surfing in Ireland and we have an extensive range of kit and clothing for your outdoor pursuits. You can order online or pop in and talk to us at The Edge at Kinsale Road in Cork; contact us at +353 (0)21 432 0522 or visit our website today.


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