Commuting to work by bike is a great option for your health, your pocket and the environment, and the right bike will make the process a pleasure. Finding the best road bike for commuting means considering several factors such as your budget and the features you require in your road bike, and here at The Edge, we can help you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll consider the factors that will influence your choice of road bike and the characteristics that will be helpful to you when you’re using your bike for your daily commute. Read on for our top tips and recommendations, and pop in and chat with us for more information and advice. We have a great range of road bikes, including eBikes that will give you an extra boost of power when you need it, and we always suggest trying before you buy to ensure you are making a wise investment.

Why commute to work?

Commuting to work by bike is a great way to get fit and you may find that there are schemes available in your local area to help with the cost of your bike and storage at your workplace. If you are worried about the security of your bike during the working day, you could discuss this with your employers to see if they would consider installing bike storage and encouraging other employees to cycle to work as an environmentally friendly initiative. 

Commuting by bike will save you money on fuel or public transport and is often quicker than other options as you avoid sitting in traffic for long periods at the busiest commuter times of the day. Find out more about commuting to work by bike when you talk to our experienced staff and you’ll soon wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner!

What makes a good road bike?

A road bike is designed to cycle on the roads in cities and towns and features specific characteristics that are useful for a daily commute. We recommend considering the following factors carefully:

  1. Comfortable geometry. It is a good idea to look for a road bike that has a more relaxed or endurance-oriented geometry. This typically involves a slightly upright riding position, which is more comfortable for daily commuting compared to aggressive racing geometries. It is easier to understand the difference this can make when you have tried a variety of options, so take the time to try out different designs and you will begin to get a feel for the geometry you prefer.
  2. Frame material. Road bikes are made from various frame materials, including aluminium, carbon fibre and steel. Aluminium is a popular choice if your budget is at the lower end of the scale, while carbon fibre offers a lightweight, comfortable ride. Steel frames provide durability and a smooth feel, but they may be heavier. Think carefully about the implications of the frame material in the context of your lifestyle, for instance, if you are commuting and need to take your bike on the train for part of the journey, a lighter frame will be much more practical.
  3. Fender and rack mounts. You will probably thank yourself if you choose a road bike with mounts for fenders and racks, as these are extremely useful when you are commuting to work daily. Fenders help to protect you against the elements, preventing you from getting covered in mud and water during wet weather, and racks enable you to carry cargo so your bike is much more practical for commuting.
  4. Tire clearance. It’s helpful to know that wider tires will give you better comfort and traction when you’re commuting to work, especially if the roads aren’t in great condition. You can choose a bike with sufficient clearance to accommodate slightly wider tires to give you the option to upgrade if it suits you or give you the ability to change tires in different seasons. 
  5. Sturdy build. A bike that is used for commuting daily will be subject to heavy use and should be built to withstand the rigours of daily riding. Take your time to understand the different components of the bikes you are considering, and look for durable options such as a sturdy frame and reliable wheels that can cope with the demands of a daily commute.
  6. Versatile gearing. To handle the daily commute with ease, you should consider a road bike that has disc brakes, as this will be especially useful in diverse weather conditions and we often experience those here in Ireland! Disc brakes will give you reliable stopping power in wet or muddy conditions and will generally require less maintenance to keep them in great shape.
  7. Light mounts. If you’re commuting all year round, you will often be making your journey to work or back home in low light conditions or darkness. Your safety is paramount and it’s vital to ensure that your bike has mounts for front and rear lights so that you have full visibility all year round.
  8. Flat handlebar option. Many road bikes are designed with flat handlebars instead of drop bars and this makes them ideal for commuting. Flat bars allow you to adopt a more upright riding position and give you better visibility in traffic and simpler control, making them ideal for urban commuting. 
  9. Security features. When you’re cycling to work every day, you need to ensure that your bike is safely stored or secured while you are away from it. Look for bikes with built-in security features, such as quick-release wheel skewers to prevent theft or eyelets for attaching a lock, so that you can easily and effectively secure your bike while you are at work.
  10. Easy maintenance. Being able to maintain your own bike will save you a lot of time and money and it will help to look for a bike with components that are easy to maintain. Commuting bikes should be practical for everyday use without requiring frequent or complex maintenance, but knowing the basics and being able to perform safety checks before each ride will help to keep you safe on the roads.

As well as these features, your budget will be a key consideration. It may help to identify your budget and then narrow down your options accordingly. There are excellent options available for most budgets and we will help you to find the best road bike for your pocket and your lifestyle.

Road bikes we love

At The Edge, we have a selection of top-quality road bikes and we’ve chosen them with reliability and performance in mind. We won’t compromise on comfort and we know you’ll love our top picks:

Orbea Orca M20 Road Bike in White
Orbea Orca M20 Road Bike White
  • The stylish Orbea Orca is an ideal choice, with 28mm tires and an impressive braking system so that you can make the most of road cycling, even if road conditions are poor. 
  • Trek Dual Sport 1 Gen 5 Mercury. The Dual Sport 1 is an impressive hybrid that’s perfect for commuters who have to cover a range of terrain on the way to work. It will give you confident, comfortable handling on roads, gravel trails and bike paths and boasts a lightweight aluminium frame with wide wheels and tires.
  • Kona Dew Plus. You’ll turn heads for all the right reasons with the Kona Dew Plus, a bright and cheerful design that gives you great comfort, function and control for your commute. It’s an aluminium frame model, with a commuter saddle designed to ensure a comfortable ride, and we know you’ll love the way this attractive bike handles itself on the roads. 
  • Orbea Carpe 40. The Orbea Carpe is a sleek model designed for style and substance, offering you a lightweight frame and the balanced sports geometry you need. Making your way to work is a dream on this fabulous red road bike and we highly recommend that you give it a try. 
  • Cube Aim SL Allroad Hybrid Bike. The Cube Aim is a well-equipped bike that will give you all of the extras you need without compromising on safety and comfort. It comes with mudguards, a lighting system, a kickstand and a versatile luggage carrier to give you the essentials for urban cycling, along with updated geometry that ensures a great ride every time.
2022 Cube Aim SL Allroad Hybrid Bike in Grey

Find Your New Road Bike in Ireland

Ireland is a great place for cycling, with miles of cycle paths to explore and an excellent choice of beautiful places to get off the beaten track. A hybrid bike may offer you the versatility to commute to work daily and travel further afield at weekends, and you can find out more about our hybrid options when you visit us at The Edge. 
We have a great range of mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrid bikes to show you, as well as electric bikes that are an excellent option for many people. Pop in and see us or visit our website to find out more about hybrid bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes and more.


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