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Bike Brakes

At the Edge Sports Superstore, we offer a wide range of bike brakes for both road bikes and mountain bikes. Online and in-store, you will find mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes, as well as rim brakes. You will also find a selection of brake pads, rotors, and other bike brake accessories.

Among our bike brake range, you will only find brakes designed to provide superior braking performance. Disc brakes are the most popular choice for road bikes, as they provide superior braking power and modulation compared to rim brakes.

Knowing when to change bike brakes depends on the type of brakes your bike has. If your bike has rim brakes, you should change the brake pads when they become worn down. A clue that it’s time is when your brakes start to squeal. Disc brakes are the same but also look out for when they become oily or dirty. Dirt or oil on your bike brakes can prevent you from stopping safely.

It is essential to replace brake pads regularly in order to ensure the safety of the rider and the bike. To replace brake pads, you will need to remove the old pads and install new ones. For rim brakes, you will need to slide the new pad into the calliper and make sure it is parallel to the tire rim. For disc brakes, you will need to replace the old pads with new ones.

We only stock the best bike brakes at the Edge Sports Superstore. Our range includes Aztec, Bontrager, Shimano, Clarks, Bbb and Vision Cycle and more.

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