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Cycle to Work Scheme Ireland - Everything You Need To Know

The Edge Sports Shop participates in the Government Cycle To Work Scheme.

Looking to beat the traffic to the office by commuting by bike? Then the Cycle to Work Scheme could be just what you need.

Save up to 52% off a new bicycle by availing of the Cycle to Work Scheme through your employer. Call The Edge today to choose from our extensive range of bicycles and electric bikes. We have something to suit every cyclist's preference.

Why Cycling To Work Is So Popular In Ireland

Join the thousands of Irish commuters enjoying the benefits of cycling to work. Not only will you beat the morning traffic, but you’ll get your endorphins running before you reach your desk. Start your workday feeling energised and strong. Then wind down on the commute home with a relaxing cycle.

Cycling has long-term health benefits too. Did you know, for example, that bike commuters have a lower risk of heartdisease, obesity and type 2 diabetes? Better still, your commute doesn’t have to be laborious for your health to improve. Just 20 minutes of cycling a day could see you reduce the risk of all-cause mortality by15%.

Thanks to Ireland’s investment in bike-friendly roads and greenways, there are plenty of recreational cycling options too. With your Cycle to Work bike, you’ll be able to tour Ireland’s best sites on your day off. Even though the scheme was set up for commuters, the bike is yours, for your own use. So, if you fancy a bike tour of Europe for your holidays, you can do that too.

What Is The Cycle to Work Scheme?

Ireland’s Cycle to Work Scheme has been helping the country get fit and healthy for more than a decade. Essentially the scheme offers employees a tax-free bike. Launched in 2008, the Government tax initiative was set up to encourage more people to cycle to work. Since then, thousands of people around the country have taken to two wheels with the scheme.

Through the scheme you are covered for bike costs up to €1,250 on traditional bikes and€1,500 one-Bikes. This includes bikes and safety equipment, such as bike helmets and panniers. The scheme even includes electric bikes and pedelecs.

How The Cycle To Work Scheme Works

The Cycle to Work Scheme lets your employer buy your chosen bike and accessories on your behalf. Your employer will then deduct the payment each month from your gross salary. The great news is that the repayments come out before PRSI, tax or USC. This means that if you’re on a higher tax rate, you can end up saving nearly half of the cost. The scheme also allows you to reapply every four tax years.

How To Get Your Bike Through The Cycle To Work Scheme Works - Step-by-Step Guide

1. Talk To Your Employer

Ask your employer if they are registered for the Cycle to Work Scheme. Employers that are not yet registered can email us at [email protected] forassistance. If you think that your employer might need a little convincing, offer these two facts:

  • They will make savings on Employer PRSI with the Cycle to Work Scheme.
  • Employees who cycle to work takesick days. (You’ll soon find they want to offer it to all their employees).

Some employers use companies like Tax Saver Bikes, Bike to Work Ltd or Travel Hub to manage the scheme. At The Edge, we accept Cycle to Work Scheme vouchers from all of these and also Tax-Free Bikes Ltd.

2. Visit The Edge

Next, pop into The Edge and select your preferred bikeand or safety equipment. Our friendly team will be on hand to offer advice and assistance if you need it.

3. Get A Quote

Once you have selected your bike, we’ll give you a written quote to take to your employer.

4. Your Employer Pays

When you give your employer the quote, they will make contact with us at The Edge and make payment. If they are using one of the schemes mentioned above, they will use this method to pay.

At this stage, you will agree with the terms of your salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer too. Together, you will decide how much to repay from your gross salary each month.

5. Arrange Collection

After the payment is made, you will be given confirmation or a voucher by your employer. Bring in your confirmation/voucher to us and we’ll get everything ready. There’s also an option to have your bike delivered. Chat with our team about this when you visit The Edge to choose your bike.

6. You're All Set To Cycle

That’s it! Once you have your bike, you’re good to go. Happy cycling.

The 5 Top Benefits Of The Cycle To Work Scheme

Physical Health Benefits of Cycling To Work

As well as the preventative health benefits we've already mentioned, there’s a lot to be said about cycling and health.

Cycling suits all fitness levels and is a low-impact activity, making it better for your joints. The more you cycle the leaner and stronger you’ll become too. Cycling even to work and back, burns fat and builds your muscles. A great way to get fit as part of your daily routine.

A healthier lifestyle also improves sleep quality. Studies have proven that even a2% decline in fitness levels can negatively impact sleep. So get on your bike if you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

Mental Health Benefits of Cycling To Work

It’s not only your physical but also your mental health that benefits from a bit of bike time. At the very minimum, exercising releases happy hormones (endorphins) which reduce stress.

Using your bike to exercise is also known to improve cognitive function, including memory and comprehension. It can also shut off the never-ending ‘chatter’ that we have in our minds, reducing anxiety and aiding relaxation.

Money-Saving Benefits of a Tax-Free Bike

By buying a bike through the Cycle to Work scheme, you’re already saving on the cost of the bike. You’ll also save money on petrol. Just think how much you could save by having to fill up the car less frequently.

Time-Saving Benefits of A Tax relief Bike Scheme

How much time do you usually spend sitting in traffic in your car or on the bus? Or sat outside train stations due to never-ending delays? Zip through the standstill traffic jams on your new favourite bike and get to work in no time.

Commuting time can be reduced by 50% or more by using a bicycle. And imagine the time you would save on an electric bike. Leaving you with more time to enjoy the things you really love. Plus, you’ll have already exercised, so that’s less time needed in the gym too!

Work Benefits of a Work Scheme Cycle

Cycling improves brain function and energy, helping you to work better. An energised body and focused mind can help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Because you are exercising on your bike before you reach work, you will arrive ready to work. Without needing a morning coffee to wake you up, you’ll find you have better creativity and less fatigue.

Get Your Cycle To Work Scheme Bike Asap

Ready to sign up for the Cycle To Work Scheme? Then come and see us at The Edge.

At The Edge, we have bicycles to suit every need and budget - from folding bikes to commuter and urban bikes. We have a bike shop range that is unparalleled.

Our expert staff will be on hand to help you choose the latest safety equipment and advice about bike options.

Call us in the Kinsale Road Commercial Centre today to get your Cycle To Work Scheme journey started or email us at [email protected].

Details on Availing of the Scheme

Payment - Direct to our company bank account is best

It is easiest if we are paid directly by companies for their employee's bike to work purchases using one of the following methods:

  • Bank Direct / SEPA Payment. Company Bank details are included on all of our invoices. We can email it on headed paper and call it out over the phone to verify it too if needed.
  • Company Cheque
  • Credit card payment.
  • Payment must come directly from the Employer (the employee cannot pay on their own bank account or by cash and claim it back as an expense).

For companies that have not participated in the scheme so far or who need advice on how to make it work for their company, we can provide additional forms/paperwork to companies and full information on their obligations under the scheme - [email protected] please email us to find out more.

Voucher Payment Schemes

We are members of 3rd party voucher-based schemes but the commission charged by these schemes means that we are unable to offer discounts on purchases / match the price that you may see on the website for products. These companies are essentially a middle man between your company and us and charge a hefty commission to us on the transaction. We have found that to be able to take and process these vouchers, we are unable to match any of our online / discounted / loyalty card prices. We do not pass on our bike-to-work admin service costsbut the accounting and processing of them are difficult and costly, payment is delayed, and if something goes wrong, it is our risk (more on this below). It is hugely preferential for us to be paid directly - by Bank Transfer or Business Credit Card.

The schemes that we accept vouchers from are:

  • Tax Saver Bikes
  • Bike to Work Ltd / Travel Hub
  • Tax-Free Bikes Ltd

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.