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Bike Headsets

Not to be confused with helmets, headlamps or Bluetooth earpieces - bike headsets are a component of the bike itself. They come in several forms including tapered headsets, integrated headsets and threadless headsets. It is a bike headset that creates that rotatable action between the fork and the head tube of a bicycle frame. It allows the smooth turning of the handlebars thanks to a ring of bearings within the headset.

Not sure if your bike headset needs replacing? The first sign to look for is if the headset is too loose. This will cause excessive bearing play and may create a rattling sound. It’s sometimes possible to fix this by tightening the headset. However, if that doesn't work, then it's likely that the headset definitely needs to be replaced.

If the headset is severely damaged, it will become unresponsive and need to be replaced. This might show up as steering that is difficult to control, a sure sign the headset has worn out. Headset bearings may also need maintenance or replacements down the road. Replacing bearings is a relatively simple job and they can be bought in multipacks from our range.

At the Edge Sports Superstore, we only stock brands we can trust. That’s why you will find bike headsets from Bbb, Fsa, M Part and Pro in-store and online in our webshop. If you have any questions at all about bike headsets, bearings and the type you should choose, let us know. Our customer team is always on hand and happy to assist you.

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