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Women's Swimming Wetsuits

Women's swimming wetsuits

Discover a wide range of women's swimming wetsuits at The Edge Sports Superstore. We offer various types and styles to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you're into wild water swimming or are a triathlete looking to enhance your performance in the water, Edge Sports can help.

Choose from full-body women's swimming wetsuits, shorties, spring wetsuits, and wetsuit bottoms. Each style offers different levels of coverage and flexibility, allowing you to find the perfect wetsuit for your swimming needs.

Full-body women's swimming wetsuits provide full coverage from the neck down to the ankles and wrists. They offer excellent insulation and protection, keeping your entire body warm in colder water temperatures.

Shorties are wetsuits that typically cover the torso and upper legs, with short sleeves and short legs. These semi-insulating wetsuits provide more flexibility in the arms and legs compared to full-body wetsuits. If you want a greater range of motion in the water, this one’s for you.

Wetsuit's differ in neoprene thickness. Those with a 2mm thickness are great for warmer water, a 3mm is ideal for cool water whilst you will want a 4mm or 5mm for cold water (which is ideal should you plan to swim in Irish watrers all year round).

At The Edge Sports Superstore, we only stock women's swimming wetsuits from reputable brands such as C-Skins, Sola, Orca, Tyr. We carefully choose brands that are known for their quality and performance, ensuring that you receive a wetsuit you can rely on.

Explore our collection of women's swimming wetsuits online or visit our store to find the perfect fit. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in selecting the right wetsuit for your swimming adventures. Dive into the water with confidence and style with our range of women's swimming wetsuits.

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