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Bike Derailleurs

At the Edge Sports Superstore, one bike part that we always recommend watching closely is the bike derailleur. A derailleur is an essential gear component that allows for quick and accurate shifting between gears. It’s the part of your bike that gives you the freedom to go up or down your gears quickly as needed.

Replacing a bike derailleur can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. It can improve the efficiency and reliability of your gears and make for a more enjoyable ride. Additionally, a new derailleur can provide more accurate gear shifting, allowing for smoother and more precise gear changes. Finally, a new derailleur can also be more durable and last longer than an old one. Fitting a better quality derailleur means that your bike will require less maintenance and repairs in the long run.

We stand by the saying that ‘a cyclist is only as fit as their bike’. Keeping your bike fit and healthy will improve your performance as much as the bikes. This requires regular checks and plenty of TLC.

Shop online or drop in-store to us in Cork to talk to our excellent customer service team. Our bike derailleur range is designed to provide precise shifting performance and lasting durability for your bike. Our brands include Wheels Manufacturing, Bbb and Shimano.

At Edge Sports, Bike derailleurs are available in a variety of styles and sizes. With suitable options for all bikes, from mountain bikes to road bikes. If you have any questions about these and other bike components, we’d be happy to help.

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