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Pull Buoys

Swimming Pull Buoys

At the Edge Sports Superstore, we stock the most comprehensive range of swimming accessories available. This includes swimming pull buoys, a popular and effective swim training accessory used by swimmers Ireland-wide.

Despite being a relatively small swim training accessory, these buoyant devices play a crucial role in developing your upper body strength. Swimming pull buoys are designed to reduce the kick propulsion from your swimming stroke. In turn, this allows you to focus on engaging your arms, shoulders, and core muscles to build strength.

At Edge Sports, we offer a diverse range of swimming pull buoys from popular brands such as Speedo, Vorgee, and more. Whether you're an adult swimmer or looking for options specifically designed for children, we have you covered. With prices starting from approximately €12, these training aids are an affordable investment in improving your swimming technique and overall performance.

Incorporate swimming pull buoys into your training routine so you too can isolate and strengthen your upper body muscles. Within a matter of weeks, you will experience improved stroke power and endurance as you swim. These buoyancy devices also provide stability and support, ideal for perfecting your arm movements and body positioning in the water.

Discover the wide array of swimming pull buoy options available at Edge Sports. Our selection includes an assortment of fun and neutral colours, catering to your individual preferences. Whether you're a professional swimmer or a beginner looking to enhance your skills, we will meet your needs. Invest in a swimming pull buoy from Edge Sports today and take your swimming performance to new heights.

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