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Bike Cassettes

At The Edge Sports Superstore, we love to cycle and encourage others to take to two wheels too. For the die-hard bike fanatic that loves to tinker with their bike, we stock a large range of bike components. In our bike section, you will find every bike part you need, from wheels and tubes to brakes and cassettes.

Bike cassettes are part of a bike's gears and an essential part of any cyclist’s toolkit. Essentially, a cassette is a series of gear cogs grouped together. Whether you’re a professional or recreational rider, having the right cassette can make all the difference in terms of comfort and performance.

Bike cassettes come in a range of sizes and speeds, from 7-speed to 11-speed models. A variation that allows cyclists to customise their ride to suit their needs.

When selecting a cassette, it's important to consider the terrain you'll be riding on and your overall riding style. If you're an avid hill climber, an 11-speed cassette with a wide range of gears may be better for you. Additionally, look for quality construction and advanced features such as titanium sprockets for increased durability and smooth shifting.

All bike parts require quality materials and manufacturing as standard. Which is why we only stock the most respected bike part brands. At the Edge Sports superstore, you will find M Part, Shimano, Wheels Manufacturing and more. Whether you are updating as a maintenance step or trying to go faster, we have the brake cassettes you need.

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