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Finger Paddles

Swimming Finger Paddles

Improve your swim stroke with swimming finger paddles. They may be small, but these tiny swim training aids can enhance your swimming technique and help you achieve your swimming goals. Swimming finger paddles are designed to improve your swimming hand action whilst also reducing shoulder strain. Our high-quality swimming finger paddles are a must-have addition to your swim gear collection.

Swimming finger paddles are a valuable tool for swimmers of all levels. For beginners, swimming finger paddles will help refine their technique as they learn and improve. Whereas experienced swimmers will find that swimming finger paddles can make a significant difference in boosting their performance. By wearing them on your hands during your swim strokes, you'll experience improved hand positioning and increased resistance in the water. The more you train using your swimming finger paddles the stronger and more efficient your strokes will become.

The unique design of swimming finger paddles helps alleviate shoulder strain by distributing the workload across your entire arm. This reduces the strain on your shoulders, allowing for a more comfortable and sustainable swimming experience.

At the Edge Sports Superstore, swimming finger paddles are priced at under €20, providing you with an affordable and effective training aid. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your swimming to new heights. Get your swimming finger paddles today and unlock your full potential in the water.

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