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Cycling Sunglasses & Eyewear

For anyone that loves to cycle long distances or even just likes to cycle regularly, cycling sunglasses are a useful accessory. Avoid road glare and protect your eyes with specially designed cycling sunglasses from The Edge Sports Superstore collection.

Cycling sunglasses are more than a stylish fashion accessory, they are essential pieces of kit crafted to improve your cycling experience. Available in full-frame and half-frame styles, cycling sunglasses designers have thought of every beneficial detail possible. Full-frame cycling sunglasses have the added benefit of side coverage for the eyes. Keeping out road debris, dust, pollen and harmful UV rays. Half-frame cycling sunglasses also offer more protection than standard sunglasses and have the added perk of extra ventilation. Both styles are practical, so your choice comes down to your preference.

Cycling sunglasses have plenty of other benefits too. They are lightweight, durable, and (more often than not) have non-slip grips to keep them on. Some cycling sunglasses also have anti-bounce fit technology to prevent them from distracting you as you ride.

At the Edge Sports Superstore, online and in Cork, we have a wide range of cycling sunglasses available nationwide. Our extensive range of cycling sunglasses has options for men and women in a huge selection of colours, styles and fits.

We only stock the best cycling accessory brands at the Edge and that includes Tifosi, Endura, Oakley and more. Ask online or in store if you need help choosing the best cycling sunglasses for your style and needs.

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