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The Edge Sports Shop Workshop

Bike Servicing Information and Pricing

Here at The Edge Sports Shop, we love your bike, and our Cytech Certified Bicycle Mechanics put every effort into making sure it leaves us in good working order by doing the work needed with your approval.

Our Servicing works in the spring-summer season on a bookings-only basis, rather than a drop-in service. When you have a booking, we need you to drop off the bike as early as possible in the morning - 12 at the latest, and then collect it later in the afternoon around 5 pm. If you have purchased a bicycle from us and you are bringing it back for a service, and live a considerable distance away, we will try to schedule so that you may only be leaving the bike with us for 3 hours instead of the day for your convenience.

Bear in mind that the age, condition and type of bike may affect the cost of the service. Older bikes which clearly need a lot of parts will only be taken with a deposit for the service. It is the policy of this business that we will not do sub-standard work. For example, if you only want us to fix the brakes but the chain is shown to be worn beyond recognised safety limits such that it must be replaced, we will need to do all or none of the work.

The type of bike you ride and the amount of usage dictates how often it should be serviced.

Time Trial Bikes will always have a supplementary service charge if new cables are required. Other road bikes with internal cables may also attract this supplementary charge, based on the extra time taken to change them.

We operate a Bike Service Booking system. This enables us to turn around a bike service the same day assuming we have all needed parts in stock. If you are stuck / have an emergency we will do our best to help you at short notice - but cannot guarantee! If you wish to book a bike service, Please click here and include as much information as possible including the type of service you need, known issues, when your bike was last serviced, the make and model of the bike, and your own contact phone number.

All parts required are charged as extra, with a loyalty discount of up to 10% applied. We only fit parts that we have sourced (excepting if we cannot source the part!).

If you leave your bike in for a service, and you choose not to go ahead with any work after we spend time checking the bike, there will be a charge for that


NB. This service is only available if you purchased the bike at The Edge Sports.
Please note: There may be an additional labour charge for fitting new parts and accessories, e.g. brake blocks, cables, chains etc.

  • Inflate tyres and check for cuts/wear
  • Adjust brakes and check pads for wear.
  • Adjust gears and set stop screws.
  • Check wheel nuts/skewers are securely tight
  • Tighten cranks and pedals
  • Lube chain and derailleur pivots, b/b cable guide
  • Check headset adjustment (free rotation/no play) and stem bolts.
  • Check chain and cassette wear.

The Lower Price Applies to bikes if you have purchased them at The Edge Sports

Please note: There will be an additional labour charge for fitting new parts and accessories.
Free fitting of brake blocks and 2 x cables may be included in this service (an extra charge may apply for internal cabling and aero brakes due to the longer time required to service - possibly applies to e-road bikes).

  • Inflate tyres and check for cuts/wear
  • Adjust brakes and check pads for wear. Secure, inspect, and lube lever; lube cable and housings; inspect and secure calliper; adjust calliper pivot(s); lube calliper; inspect and align pads, replace pads if necessary; adjust clearance and centring of pads; actual wheel laterally as necessary to permit proper clearance adjustment.
  • Check spoke tension
  • Check wheel nuts/skewers and pedals are securely tight
  • Adjust gears and set stop screws and check chain and cassette wear (0.5 or 0.75 wear (or higher), depending on chain speed)
  • Check b/b for wear, tighten cranks and pedals
  • Lube chain and derailleur pivots, b/b cable guide
  • Check headset (free rotation/no play) and stem bolts
  • Check and torque all fastenings
  • Remove and grease the seat post if possible.
  • External inspection of wheel bearings, headset and bottom bracket and adjustment ifrequired/possible
  • Minor wheel true / spoke tighten if necessary (not using truing gig)
  • External inspection of rims for wear indicating a replacement
  • Advise customer of appropriate further work


  • Bottom Bracket removal/replacement €30 as part of service, €50 standalone
  • Cut Fork €30 as part of service or bike fit, €40 standalone
  • Wheel Hub service (grease or replace bearings) €30 front wheel, €40 rear wheel
  • Headset replacement - €25 as part of service, €40 standalone


  • Truing a wheel - (where possible) non-radial buckle €30 (plus any spokes necessary)
  • Truing a wheel – with a radial buckle €45 (plus any spokes necessary)
  • Building a standard wheel €65 (plus new spokes)
  • Quotes given for non-standard work, based on an hourly rate.


€25 single brake or €45 for a pair Including labour for clearing old fluid and air from the existing system (plus brake fluid, pads and any part replacement)


If there is an incompatibility between the tyre and wheel, the price may increase or it may or it may not be possible to complete but we will do our best. If this is the case, we will still need to charge a minimum of €40 for the work carried out.

  • Includes sealant and rim tape (cost of valves not included) €40 per tyre

Build an external Bike + Check and adjust gears and brakes

  • Standard Road, Gravel, Hybrid, MTB €100
  • TT Bikes €variable
  • E-Bikes minimum build cost* €130

*Difficult to work on TT bikes will incur an hourly charge if cabling/adjustment is difficult. We have the best tools to do these jobs but the internal cable routing does not always make it easy!
** Cost may be more for some bikes depending on specification and weight. We do not recommend and will not engage in any warranty or other matters for e-bikes purchased outside of the edge sports, regardless of whether we are asked to build them.

Bosch / Shimano Steps

€30 for electronic diagnostic/update of firmware and check of the bike if it is carried out as part of a service. If it is a standalone service, then the price is €40. If there is an issue found, any extra time is charged at the hourly rate of €70 by our Cytech E-Bike trained technicians/mechanics to find and solve the issue. You will be kept informed of progress.

Electronic Groupsets – Di2

€30 charge for a smooth diagnostic check and update takes 30 minutes. If there is an issue with this, any extra time is charged at the hourly rate of €70 by our Cytech-trained technicians/mechanics to find and solve the problem – whether it is the wiring or a faulty component/battery.


€50 Preliminary Quote and basic email report based on visual inspection. No cleaning of the frame or frame alignment tool was used

€100 Full Quote - includes:

  • Wipe down the bike
  • Detailed visual inspection of components, frame and fork including frame alignment
  • Detailed Report on findings
  • Cost of storing the bike extra – no charge for 1st week, then €2 per day

SERVICING OF SUSPENSION FORKS and REAR SUSPENSION is subject to an external service agent's charge, turnaround time and transportation costs.

N.B. Bikes left with the shop and not collected are subject to a €2 daily storage fee after the first week.