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Sensors and Accessories

Experience the next level of cycling performance with a bike sensor from The Edge Sports Superstore. These tiny high-tech devices are designed to provide you with valuable data and insights to enhance your cycling performance. Attach them easily to your bike and sync them to your wearable device or download the data after your bike ride.

Bike sensors come in various forms, including heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, speed sensors, and power metres. They allow you to track your heart rate, pedal cadence, and speed, and even measure your power output. With this data, you can fine-tune your training, monitor your progress, and reach your cycling goals more effectively.

Whether you're a competitive cyclist or a fitness enthusiast, bike sensors are a valuable tool for optimising your rides. They help you maintain the right intensity, avoid overtraining, and ensure a safer and more efficient cycling experience.

At The Edge Sports, we offer a range of bike sensors from reputable brands including Garmin and Igp Sports. For help choosing the best bike sensor for your needs, chat with our team of expert customer service reps. Explore our collection and fine-tune your cycling performance with the latest in cycling technology. Shop for all your cycling needs, online and in-store at The Edge.

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