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Womens Triathlon Suits

Womens Tri Suits

Enjoy the versatility and performance-enhancing features of women's tri suits, designed to excel in every stage of a triathlon. Women's tri suits are specifically crafted to provide comfort and functionality throughout the race.

Women's tri suits can be worn under a wetsuit or on their own during the swim. However you wear them, they offer a streamlined and efficient performance in the water. The wonderful advantage of women's tri suits is that they are also suitable for the run and cycling phases. This eliminates the need for multiple outfit changes and allows you to focus on your race.

At The Edge Sports Superstore, we offer a diverse selection of women's tri-suit brands, including Speedo, Orca, Huub, and more. These brands are recognised for their quality, innovation, and commitment to providing top-notch performance gear. Choose from a range of colours and sizes to suit your style and race requirements.

Invest in a women's tri suit from Edge Sports to optimise your triathlon experience. These suits are designed to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and support, enabling you to perform at your best.

Explore our collection online or visit our store to find the perfect women's tri suit for your upcoming race. With high-quality brands and a variety of options available, we have everything you need to conquer your next triathlon in style.

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