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Kick Boards

Swimming Aids and Floats

Swimming aids and floats can improve your swimming technique while providing fun and enjoyment in the water. Designed with all ages in mind, swimming aids and floats assist with your kicking technique. At Edge Sports, our collection of swimming aids and floats is perfect for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Choose from a diverse range of various colours, styles and prices.

Swimming aids and floats are excellent tools for refining your swim kick technique in the water. Use these flotation devices during your swim sessions, to focus on your leg movements without worrying about staying afloat. They are ideal for enhancing your swimming efficiency, and ultimately improving your overall performance.

In addition to their training benefits, swimming aids and floats are a great source of fun and enjoyment in the water. They can be especially beneficial for children, helping them develop their swimming skills while having a blast. They also provide a sense of security and confidence. Experienced swimmers can benefit from the extra buoyancy and support of swimming aids and floats too.

At Edge Sports, we stock a large selection of swimming aids and floats from reputable brands including Funky, Vorgee and more. Our collection offers a range of options to suit every swimmer's needs, preferences, and budget. From arm floats and kickboards to pull buoys and swim noodles, there's a flotation aid for everyone. Shop online or in-store for swimming aids and floats that suit your needs.

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