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ABUS is a renowned brand that specializes in providing security solutions and products. The company was founded in 1924 and is headquartered in Germany. ABUS stands for "August Bremicker und Söhne," named after its founder and his sons.

ABUS is widely recognized for its high-quality security products that encompass a diverse range of applications.

The brand is particularly known for its locks, security systems, and surveillance equipment. ABUS offers innovative solutions to protect homes, businesses, and various other assets from unauthorized access, theft, and intrusions.

ABUS products cover a broad spectrum of security needs, with their bike locks setting the industry standard for decades. They have since also developed cycle helmets, such as the Viantor, which too combine quality, durability, and technical expertise and have become a favourite among many a cyclist.

We stock a wide range of ABUS locks and cycle helmets at The Edge Sports Shop, Cork. Ireland’s best cycle store!

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